100% ACCURI Goggles

Frame: urethane
Lens: lexan
Polarized Lens: no


The similarities between mountain biking and motocross is not any secret, that is why we’re seeing cross overs from the motorized to the self-propelled market. The one hundred% Accuri Goggles are one such product to take the plunge. Proven at the dirt track, the one hundred% Accuri Googles are able for the sector of giant mountain shuttles, bike parks, and downhill racing. Between you and the goggles’ anatomic frame is a moisture-wicking, triple-layer foam that gives an unobtrusive, snug fit. For the frame, one hundred% constructed it from a flexible, yet durable urethane. And even as its shape is curved in an effort to conform to the face, it is also optimized to offer a very good sight view. Vision is taken seriously in motocross for obvious reasons, and the benefits from years of revel in translates into distinct advantages for one hundred% within the mountain biking marketplace. For instance, there are over twenty aftermarket lenses to be had for each and every light condition possible — from Clear to Rose. Even better, the straightforward of replacing lenses extends right through one hundred%’s line of goggles, keeping cost down and making sure that replacement parts are plentiful. And absolute best of all, one hundred% has a full line of vision-enhancing, tear-off and roll-off accessories. Which means all one hundred% goggles are able for muddy race courses and sloppy days riding lifts. The one hundred% Accuri Goggles are to be had within the colors Black, Black/cyan, Camosquito, Gunmetal, Reflex Blue, Subway, and Yellow. Lens colors vary per frame style, however the colors Clear, Silver, Blue Mirror, Mirror Gold, Mirror Red, and Mirror Green are your options. The goggles comes equipped with an anti-fog and scratch-resistant Lexan lens. The strap is extra wide at 45mm, and it is coated with silicone to stop slippage. For added protection even as exploring your limits, the goggles include a removable nose guard.
Frame: urethane
Lens: lexan
Polarized Lens: no
Photochromic Lens: no
Strap: 45mm silicon coated



















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