ATV Engineering (4) 4″ 4/110 ATV Wheel Spacers – Honda Yamaha Suzuki Can-Am Kawasaki 4×110 2.0


You’re purchasing one set of 4 ATV wheel spacers, enough to widen two axles 4.00″ total wheel to wheel (one spacer within the kit for Each and every wheel). The 4.0″ ATV wheel spacers are 2.00″ per side will fit such a lot any ATV with a 4 x 110 wheel stud pattern. A much broader wheelbase for your bike will offer more stability for jumping and cornering, and likewise help you add larger wheels without lifting your bike.

Our wheel spacers are CNC machined to exact specification from the most efficient quality aerospace aluminum to be had. Each and every set is hand tested and commercially packed. Installation: This set of spacers will fit such a lot any ATV with 4×110 bolt spacing. Simply dispose of your wheels, bolt the spacers onto the wheel studs together with your existing lugs, and use the brand new studs and lugs to position the wheels back on! It’s that easy. Warranty: We offer a life-time warranty on all our products.We use high-tensile steel and the very best quality aluminum. We have now optimized a design to resist more weight, torque and force, and we require subject matter certifications from our suppliers. We offer a life-time warranty. We guarantee YOUR satisfaction! Thousands of clients are currently enjoying these spacers, and they’re riding with confidence! Don’t let other sellers confuse you with their listings, because they can not compete with our value points. We manufacture thousands of sets of all kinds of spacers at a time with a proven design, which ends up in an excellent deal for YOU!







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