Snowmobile Trailer Ski Carbide 96″ Low-Profile Protector Glides

Helps protects snowmobile ski carbides during transport while providing smooth loading
Extra wide ski protector guide great for pickup truck beds and trailer decks
Extra wide material for larger carbides and surface area maneuvering

Black Ice Additional wide ski carbide protector float for pickup truck beds and trailers. The ski float bundle mounts to a flat floor for clean loading and delivered coverage on snowmobile twin-carbide contact issues. Includes a 1/four” low-profile thickness and wide floor house with slotted mounting holes designed to make bigger and settlement with temperature amendment, getting rid of warping over the years. Made with sturdy, all-climate PVC building for years of dependable use.

Is helping protects snowmobile ski carbides all the way through delivery even as offering clean loading
Additional wide ski protector information nice for pickup truck beds and trailer decks
Additional wide subject material for higher carbides and floor house maneuvering
1/four” Thick low-profile design
Made with sturdy all-climate PVC building


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