Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Vintage Schmidt Snowmobile Beer Can Cap Catcher

Hand made, wall mounted bottle opener with vintage beer can cap catcher. ► The can is hooked up to a pretty good oak plank, fantastically finished along with your collection of stain- Early American, Red Oak, or Espresso, and a semi-gloss polyurethane. Two pre-drilled, counter-sunk holes and included screws are used to mount this awesome contraption to the wall of your similarly awesome man-cave, basement bar, game room, or garage workshop… anyplace you please! ► The bottle opener is a brand spanking new forged iron Starr X, which work exceptionally smartly at cracking open a bottle (I have done extensive checking out, if you already know what I mean). The cap catcher is mounted to the picket in order that it may be easily emptied: merely tip it to the facet, and the caps will sell off out. Simple clean up, and an excellent conversation starter! ► The picket is 3.5″ wide by approximately 12″ tall. Since oak is a natural subject matter, grain pattern and color might range fairly. These make great gifts for groomsmen and faculty grads, and with over 700 to choose between, there may be bound to be one for everyone. Cheers!


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