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What to Do Before Every ATV Ride

Are you planning to go on a ATV ride? If yes, you should check if the vehicle is in good condition and ready to go. Without proper care, your vehicle may turn from a great holiday buddy to a big mass of nuisance. With this being said, here are few things to do before every ATV ride:

Fresh Fuel

Has your ATV gas been sitting in the vehicle for several months? If yes, you must clean the carburetor and tank. Then, you should fill the ATV with fresh fuel. Refueling is a great way of improving your engine’s lifetime. If your vehicle runs off of old gas, it will start to sputter and struggle along the ride.


ATV tires play a very important role in the safety checklist. However, a lot of people don’t worry if the tires have adequate air or not! If you want to gain complete control of the ride, you should check the vehicle’s tires with a tire pressure gage. Make sure there is adequate pressure in the tires. Never ride with half flat tires. This will make for a miserable ride.


Moving on, you should keep an eye on the vehicle’s braking system. Try to be confident with the ATVs brakes and replace the brake pads when needed. The pads must not span between metals. The pads should be 1/8th inch thick. Neglected brake pads will introduce lots of expensive repairs. For example, neglected brake pads can ruin your vehicle’s caliper. 


The heart and soul of any ATV ride would be “oil”. Motor oil is required to ensure smooth transmission. Always make sure your vehicle’s oil levels are right. Look into the dipstick and check if your ATV has sufficient amounts of oil. If water has mixed with your machine’s oil unit, it will be milky brown. This is a serious issue. You should not run an ATV with milky brown oil. This will rupture the entire engine.


You need a good, smooth steering for a great ATV experience. The tie rods are required for a controlled ride. If one of the tie rods wears away, you will lose control of the wheels. These rods can wear away without much notice.


Finally, you should check if the chains are oiled and tight. Chains that are stretched beyond specification will limit your ride experience. Excessive jumping can stretch chains. Before you ride the ATV read the vehicle’s instruction manual and figure out its maximum limits.

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